Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's been a while

It's been a while since I posted any progress, that's mainly down to working way to much and not having time to paint as well as sorting out my guard army with the new codex!

In the last post I talked about doing the ghouls but these got put on hold as I had the mortis engine just sat there already put together well in separate sections to make it easier to paint.

this would be one of the centre pieces to the army and needed to stand out I decided the best was to do this was have a really big contrast between the spirits on the bottom and crypt on the top. I painted this in 2 sections meaning I could spray the spirits in white so that they would be really bright and keep the top half really dark.

I spent a lot more time on this model than I first thought I would there's so much hidden detail on it from the carving on the steps to the candles in the cage I wanted every thing done to the same standard and because of this I think it took around 14 hours to paint!

I am really happy with the out come of this model and this is what gave me push to continue with the army!

 The next project I wanted to get under way was the zombies as after playing a couple of little games they really do need to be in the list. I don't like the current Games workshops kit but had an idea to get around this.

In a few of the old vampire films and books whole villages had been put under the control of the vampire I really liked this idea and it pushed me towards doing a mob of villagers  brandishing flaming brands and cobbled together weapons.
I decided to use a mix of sets to make the villagers, taking parts from 3 of the empire box sets. I used parts from the swords men, state troopers and flagellants to make a random mix of people to get the idea that it wasn't an organised group of people.
Like on the corpse cart and mortis engine I had the fun of painting flaming brands which i have dotted about the unit. This was also the first time I got to paint human skin tones in grey scale..... I didn't want them as bright as the vampire or either necromancer and ended up playing about with a few until I felt I got it right.

As you can see from the above picture i have also decided to add some colour to the army. It wont be on every model though!

I did this after watching a few films that have this look to them most notably the beginning of Van Helsing and Sin city. These are two of the films that I have always drawn inspiration from for this army as well as the old hammer Horror films and it just felt right to add a splash of colour to make the models pop a bit more.

After finishing the first of the 40 zombies i wanted to paint some thing a bit different.

I love the idea of the Crypt horrors in the army list I just couldn't see how they would fit into the theme of a Hammer Horror army I decided something a bit different was needed something big was missing from the army a unit of werewolves!

The warhammer forge skin wolves would be perfect for this! I first got the the games day model which is what I am going to use as the Crypt Ghast, I used the arm which wasn't holding the dead empire man and lent the head forward slightly then got to painting.

After spraying the model I realised quite how nasty the model was, where ever there was fur they had sculpted the skin folded back as if the wolf was breaking out from underneath, I painted these areas slightly darker than the rest of the skin so it stood out a little more.

This Model was begging for some blood so I didn't disappoint adding a lot of blood to it's mouth and chest wound this was the first model i properly thought about putting blood onto and I think it adds a new level to the look of the army I'm not going to mad with it though its just going to appear on the models where it feels right like the next unit i have now started the ghouls!