Monday, 11 August 2014

howling at the moon

I have really got back into the swing of painting the army now some thing clicked and I really got inspired to carry on with it, it was probably the painting of the limited addition skin wolf  and wanting to finish that unit off, I set the goal of doing the ghouls before I touched the skin wolves, I had been putting this unit off for a while as of the amount of grey scale blood I would have to do, but now with the inclusion of the red blood on some models the unit would be a lot easier to do!

I did the unit champion as a test to see how light I would take the skin i highlighted it all the way up to white then brought it back down a bit using a few glazes of a very light grey the same grey I used as the base for the skin, I find that this technique works really well on lighter skin tones as it pulls the whole together more.

This was also the first model I went a bit mad on with the blood effect and I think next to the very pale flesh it stands out even more. I didn't want to over do it in the unit though a couple of models have been picked out a little more like the one pulling the corpse but other than that its just applied t where they have stuck bones through themselves.

As a unit I think it works really well I got a few different shades of skin across the unit so it gave more of a rabble look rather than a regimented unit of men of the empire.

Now that unit was out of the way I got to play with some bigger models, I had recently finished watching the second season of Hemlock Grove so I had a lot of ideas how I wanted these guys to look.
The change scenes in that series where awesome  and the skin wolf models reminded me a lot of the mid change.

Having the skin peeling back to reveal the wolf beneath with the skin folded over slightly dark than the rest.

I got 2 sets of the skin wolves so I could convert a few into different poses to give more life to the unit!
The models already have a load of character to them and doing some body and leg swaps allowed me to add a load more to the unit.

I think my favourite one is the one the front right of the unit as you look at it this one took the most amount of green stuff work nearly having to build the whole neck 

I decided that I wanted a shape to the whole unit all gathered around the unit champion so I had the front rank a a lot lower then him to make the champion stand out more, I also painted the rest of the unit darker than the champion so it stands out a bit more. Not all of the unit has blood on it either but they all have a splash of red on them with glowing red eyes in very dark eye sockets I think that this has given the unit a really good feel to it and has made them work well as one of the main units of the army.

The army isn't to far away from being finished now just a few more units to go then all the rank fillers to bulk out the units that will be raised.